As a longtime member of One Hundred Miles and a participant in the St. Simons Island Sea Turtle Project’s free public education programs, I am disappointed by JIA Executive Director Jones Hooks’ untrue statement that One Hundred Miles is pursuing this issue for financial gain (as quoted in Wes Wolfe’s Aug. 16 article). When Mr. Hooks makes such a claim, he is dismissing the hundreds of voices that One Hundred Miles is representing on this important matter. My family and many others in our community care deeply about sea turtles, and do not want Jekyll to weaken an ordinance that helps protect them.

Sea turtles already face many obstacles, and we shouldn’t make their journey more difficult. JIA should not change the current ordinance to accommodate a few, but instead focus on education and enforcement of the current ordinance.

Georgia had a record-breaking season for nesting sea turtles and hatchlings. This is made possible by collaborative coastal conservation efforts up and down the Georgia coast involving many organizations and volunteers committed to reducing the obstacles sea turtles face each year (i.e. light pollution). I hope the JIA will commit to be a supportive, collaborative partner, working with the DNR, One Hundred Miles, and other conservation groups towards a common goal: protecting sea turtles and preserving them for future generations.

“The shape and solutions of the future rely totally on the collective effort of people working together. We are all an integral part of the web of life,” — Jacque Fresco.

Jennifer Hatcher

St. Simons Island

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