Oh, what Incorrigible, gullible, fools we are.

We believe our elected officials when they take the oath of office with their right hand on the Holy Bible. They proclaim to God and the world to faithfully and honorably serve and represent all of us who trusted them with our vote.

We all steadfastly retain this trust as we watch them enter office poor as church mice, and then depart as multimillionaires (Clintons, Obamas, Ray Nagin, Randy “Duke” Cunningham, Kwame “Hiphop” Kilpatrick, and Corrine Brown).

How many millions of taxpayer dollars will Maxine Waters steal, cleanse and shelter before she is finally imprisoned?

Perhaps the latest hoard of convicted political felons can take a plea deal with the American people — their jail time substituted for the same number of years of public service picking up trash. This deal, however, would have to include a severe public flogging on the White House lawn for their sins. Further, their phalanxes of slimy, shady lawyers would be immediately fired without any recompense.

Oh, my — what can we say about Margaret and Duncan Hunter — just getting started towards a lifetime of deceit and graft? I guess we’ll just have to conclude that their guile lagged too far behind their immorality, greed and corrupt nature for them to ever become successful swamp trolls. Perhaps these neophyte crooks could flog each other on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and then pick up trash for 10-20 years to buy back their corrupt souls from the devil.

Oh, what gullible fools we are.

Martin Carey

St. Simons Island

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