Fortunately our Brunswick harbor has suffered minimal damage from oil leaking from the capsized freighter still sitting on its side in the sound. The good folks with the Unified Command have rightfully devoted enormous effort aimed at keeping that environmental damage as minimal as possible. They are to be applauded for those continuing efforts.

This is only a small taste of the catastrophe that awaits us if offshore drilling is eventually approved, and a problem occurs like the one that devastated the Louisiana and Alabama coastlines when the BP Horizon oil rig exploded, some years ago, because a non-engineering VP insisted on shutting the rig down faster than it was safe to do so, all because “It was costing too much money to not shut it down faster.”

If you are concerned that our coastline would be unnecessarily put at risk if such a larger event happened here, write or call Congressman Buddy Carter to express your disapproval with his dancing around this issue.

It can happen here. We must not let politicians sell out our invaluable Georgia coast. We have too much to lose. We must insist on no offshore drilling.

Rafe Semmes


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