No doubt most SPLOST projects are justified and beneficial to the community. However, in my opinion four projects are neither justified nor beneficial.

Sea Island Road at Hamilton Landing. This completed project replaced previous lane “enhancements” with further “enhancements”, none of which were needed in the first place. Waste of taxpayer money.

Intersection of Frederica Road and Wymberly Road. Although this intersection already had a very adequate “eyebrow”, this project provided a new lane on the east side of Frederica and resulting sidewalk relocation. The “discovery” of broken pipe complicated and expanded this project, which will ultimately include a crosswalk with flashing light system and some sidewalk on the west side of Frederica. I have lived in Wymberly for twenty years, and have never experienced the need for any of this project. Another waste of taxpayer money.

The next two projects are still in the planning/design phase, and therefore offer the County a chance to save some money. I am referencing the two roundabouts proposed for each end of the East Beach Causeway. I drive through these intersections 365 days a year, encountering very light traffic and no delays. I have no idea where these projects originated, but I’d love to see the data justifying either roundabout.

Dick Wiederhorn

St. Simons Island

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