When there is a chance to right a wrong, shouldn’t we always try?

Altama Elementary is getting a new school. They should get a new location with it. Why? Because it sits next to a Superfund site.

By Environmental Protection Agency definition, Superfund sites are the most polluted sites in the country, the worst of the worst, so, why would anyone choose to build a school next to a Superfund site where groundwater pollution is a very real possibility?

Now the Glynn County Board of Education has this amazing opportunity to fix a wrong that should never have happened in the first place. Move the children away from toxic pollution. Why is this not obvious? Perhaps Hercules should pay for that new site since they dumped their pollution near Altama in the first place.

I am old enough to remember a time when cigarettes were “safe.” It took decades, millions of dollars and untold efforts by millions, lawsuits, court cases and more to prove that indeed, cigarettes kill.

Why not just take all that risk off the table? When pollution contaminates our children, not only does it impact them, but it impacts our larger community, now and in the future.

From the Georgia Deptartment of Education website on school locations:

“Planners are encouraged not to locate educational facilities in run-down neighborhoods, industrial or commercial developments, sites close to landfills and dumps … finally, the site should be acceptable to the community.”

Schools should be a place of learning, not a place of risk of toxic contamination.

Jen Hilburn

Altamaha Riverkeeper

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