Why do Donald supporters still blindly cling to the belief he is doing the right thing for America?

If you look at his leadership and lack of it — the economy, infrastructure, foreign policy — he is failing on all fronts. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.Donald is enclosed in a cloud of smoke of his own making and has been proven to have lied repeatedly.

The GOP, who impeached a Democrat president for lying , ignore every lie Donald makes. Donald said he would help the working class, but he and Republicans have only helped themselves, wealthy donors, and corporations. Wages are stagnant, farmers and companies are being hurt by bad decisions by Donald and no help from the GOP.

Donald promised better, affordable health care, but he and the GOP have no plan to help Americans who list health care as top concern. America is also in need of help with its infrastructure continuing to crumble. Donald and the GOP made repeated promises to work on infrastructure. The GOP have offered nothing.

Donald recently said he will not sign any infrastructure plan by Democrats. This is the result of a wild meeting between Donald and Democrats, where he behaved childishly while Democrats tried to calm the situation. We need comprehensive immigration reform. A wall does nothing but waste money. The GOP refused to work on a plan with Democrats previously. The GOP and Donald still do not want to work on a real strategy. We need new leadership in 2020.

Jerry Dagan

St. Simons Island

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