The movie studio article stated “The project will have very low impact and generate a lot of revenue for the county.” The 500 town homes, three 90,000 square foot buildings, the repurposing of 1,091 acres, private water tower and treatment plant all off Highway 17 are highly unlikely to have “low impact.”

Highway 17, casually called I-17, is certainly likely to see change. “Elbow room” for the industry simply means more land development. The ecosystem is under attack here and on the Okefenokee. Global warming, melting glaciers and rising waters are realities that the money boys seem to want to ignore. The funds generated will certainly benefit Mr. Barber.

The Mainland Planning Commissioners must be in this somewhere because they changed the rules to accommodate with “no conditions” and allowed the unit density to change from 10 units per acre to 16. Population density is a big problem on the causeway to St. Simons and on the infrastructure there. The impact will be very real.

Diane Elder


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