Well here we go again with the general public, the movie stars and government politicians both federal and local calling for more and harder gun control right after the event in Philadelphia.

The shooter was a career serious criminal who just didn’t walk into my local Academy Sports Store and buy the weapons that he used against those police officers. This punk bought those guns on the dark side where someone had them and sold them for money. No real gun store would have sold this punk any sort of weapons, but yet he was able to find someone who would sell them to him.

Gun control that everyone is crying about does nothing to stop criminals or crazy from getting one. Soft district attorneys who fail to hand out long jail terms are also to blame. Why are these hardcore criminals given such easy and soft jail terms.

The answer isn’t more gun control, the answer is our justice system may be handing out longer jail terms to anyone who uses a weapon to kill and long jail terms to those found to be selling guns to criminals.

Then we have those who can buy a gun legally but leave it in their cars.

Their car gets broken into and now that gun is out on the streets some where. Like the Obama era who gave out cellphones, help out to buy gun safes to those who want one.

A. Guzman


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