As a fairly new resident to Jekyll Island, through marriage, I have become keenly aware of the division and often hatred of those who belong to a different political party. Where are the days when we could talk together sensibly and be friends too?

I find that most do not even know the difference between the two parties — perhaps too many followers and not enough leaders who research facts and know who will really be for the common man.

Now let’s talk for a moment about our non-productive Congress. Our money is being wasted by the millions on non-essential efforts to take down duly elected people who work for us, long days, with no salary. Our President donates every dollar to charity. Did you know that?

Now here comes John Dean, a convicted felon, who served jail time and President Nixon’s lead attorney at age 32. For some God forsaken reason, a section of Congress thinks he will help their cause. I know a lot about John Dean through my friendship in the 70’s and 80’s with Bebe Rebozo, President Nixon’s best friend in private life. I was fortunate to be a guest several times at Bebe’s home at Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo. I was privy to much from that era.

It is my wish that I live long enough to see people loving each other again, regardless of beliefs. Remember this: “Hate allows someone else to live rent free in your mind.”

Devereaux Eyler

Jekyll Island

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