The problem with Amy Barrett isn’t so much that she’s an authoritarian as a consequence of having been schooled, like Clarence Thomas, by Catholics. The problem is that, also like Thomas, she is a mediocrity.

Mediocre people go along to get along. Since the SCOTUS is supposed to ride herd on Congress and the Executive, mediocrity spells disaster. And, when you come right down to it, the adherence to precedent which has governed the SCOTUS is largely responsible for the mediocrity that has prevented the progressive principles of the Constitution from being implemented sooner.

Yes, what the Cons want to conserve is mediocrity. When Thomas was appointed, I thought the mediocre deserved representation. I was wrong. How did I know Thomas was a mediocrity? Anyone who mentions pubic hair in the presence of a professional colleague is mediocre. Only mediocre people make jokes to score points with colleagues.

One of the truly unfortunate consequences of the fixation on superficial characteristics is that a lot of mediocrity gets a pass. It is sort of a perverse subsidy to ignorance.

Monica Smith

St. Simons Island

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