Whenever I visit your area, I always pick up a copy of your paper to see what’s happening locally, to take advantage of bargains in the sale circulars, and to read the comics.

“Classic Peanuts” makes me smile. And I always get a chuckle from “Dilbert,” and so on down the page — until I get to “Mallard Fillmore.” Then my smile turns upside down. It is not funny. It is snarky and mean-spirited. It is just not funny. Why do you print it?

Michael Berry

North Kingstown, Rhode Island

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Fire gutted a vacant house shortly before 11 a.m. Friday, leaving fire crews working hard through noon to extinguish the flames and make sure they did not spread to nearby trees or the neighboring business.

This past week, I received a telephonic Robo Call from someone stating he represented the Glynn County Republican Party. There surely must be a parallel universe with a similar name since that call was nothing but false accusations and lies about ESPLOST 3.