Any solution that creates another problem is no solution. Making it more difficult for Black Georgians to vote will prove not to solve any problem at all. Problems that persist are always found to contain a lie, and the great lie in Georgia, (promulgated by The Great Liar of Palm Beach), is that the election was stolen. Of course, no one is stupid enough to truly believe the election was stolen, only that too many Black people voted and their guys lost. If Republicans had won Georgia, no “election reform” measures would have been taken. May they reap the whirlwind.

Abdication of responsibility by any one group creates opportunity for another group. Our gerrymandered General Assembly and governor have abdicated their obligations to Black communities, have shown hostility to their voting rights; and those who turned Georgia blue, (the most impressive political effort of my lifetime), will find opportunity in that abdication. Even now we are filled with a terrible resolve.

About the worst thing you can do to any people is treat them as if they are unconscious. According to the prevailing race theories of the 19th Century, enslaved Americans were treated as if unconscious, as if they were but insensate stalagmites of mud that could not feel pain or humiliation. Black Americans are not unconscious, as they have proved in martyrs blood for centuries, and we are about to find out exactly how conscious they have become.

Tony Baker

St. Simons Island

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