I commend The Brunswick News for being among those few brave papers on the outside looking in. You would have to be an Oberlin College graduate to deny America’s one-sided liberal media. Nearly every major city paper, all mainstream network and most cable TV is non-stop liberal babble.

But, America is not alone as Europe has thrown in the towel on free speech. In England, this means facilitating the grooming of thousands of underage girls by immigrant gangs because criticism of immigrants doesn’t fit the government’s program. On the continent, the square peg of non-assimilation continues to be pounded into the round hole of reality with government-controlled media cheerleading the cultural suicide. To offer an alternative opinion risks jail.

Jeffery Epstein’s story, hidden by our mainstream media for decades, may finally see the light of day. But, no thanks to his protectors in our liberal, one-sided media. Jeffery along with Harvey hobnobbed with the rich and powerful for decades with their dirty proclivities the not-so-hidden elephants in the room.

A world with one opinion and intolerance of contrary opinions is a world where the webs spun by the Epsteins corrupt all it envelopes. Wealth is already dividing the world into the one percent and everyone else.

Third-world migration will erode the developed world’s middle classes, while the chosen few become obscenely richer.

When The Brunswick News becomes The New York Times, I’ll cancel my subscription.

Pete Richmond

St. Simons Island

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