Mainstream media has transformed itself from once-objective news investigation and reporting to leading the surge and implementation of social doctrines. CNN represents the very worst of this irrational, emotion-based movement. They have chosen a radical social agenda to support and to inculcate into the passive minds of their audience. They denounce the sacred concepts of self-reliance, hard work and sacrifice to succeed, limited central government and balanced budgets. Further, they do not believe in the strict adherence and observance of the basic tenets of our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

These news interpreters and hysterical hawkers of social gloom and doom depend on “group think,” group emotional instability and the total abandonment of individual critical analysis and reason to draw one’s own valid political conclusions. It is emotion-driven political propaganda and vitriolic hype under the guise of First Amendment freedom of speech and objective journalism.

These self-anointed, omniscient left-wing soothsayers are nothing less than modern-day Greek Sirens trying to coax and lure our great Republican and Constitutional Ship of State —which is the envy of every government in our treacherous, fragmented and cruel world — upon the rocks of political destruction. They do not understand that Utopia is just a destructive delusion that does not exist. Benjamin Franklin said it best: our Constitution will always be in good hands as long as we have an enlightened and accurately informed citizenry.

Martin J. Carey

St. Simons Island

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