As captain of the Tall Ship Lynx, we were recently in your beautiful Golden Isles. I must tell you of the wonderful reception your community put forward to us.

While in the Golden Isles, we hosted 675 children aboard for both dockside and underway programs at no charge. The Lynx Educational Foundation underwrites free access supplemented by revenue sailings and donations. I know southern hospitality as a result of our visit. I have made many friends in the last 6 months, and these relationships mean a lot to me.

I want to personally and publicly thank the Historical Society, Cap Fendig, Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureau, Peter Murphy and county commissioners for access to the pier, dockage at Morningstar Marina and the Torras family at Brunswick Landing Marina. Thanks to The Village Inn and Pub and Tramicis for hosting crew members, as well as the St Simons Rotary Club, Ocean Forest, Dana Parker and the Parker Stores for her kindness and the St Mary’s Tall Ship Alliance for advocating for traditional sailing. Thanks to Woody Woodside for confidence and contacts, the Golden Isles Sailing team and Coach Betts for sailing from Fernandina.

Don Myers and Lucia Gumaer have been generous of their time and creativity. I am grateful too for Susan Imhoff. She is unwavering in her support and provided many ideas and introductions over the course of the winter — I can’t thank her enough for her involvement. You have a beautiful community. The Lynx will return in Nov. 2019. You set a high bar.

Captain Donald Peacock

Newmarket, N.H.

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