Several years ago, with the best of intentions and sorely misguided, our state legislature enacted a traffic law requiring Georgia motorists to “share the road” with bicyclists.

Even though I, personalÌy, am a great proponent of bicycling for people of all ages and families, our legislature is charged to pass traffic-related laws that actually improve safety on our public roads.

Two major problems continue unabated relative to the mix of automobiles and bicycles on the public roads: those operating bicycles tend to fail in their observance of traffic laws and ignore the basic equipment rules requiring reflectors and correct lighting as well as mandated head protection for those under 18 years of age. Further, in the Golden Isles, we have roads which are barely wide enough to accommodate vehicular traffic, let alone the addition of bicycles. Frederica Road on St. Simons Island is a perfect example. compounding the problem is the solid white line in the middle of Frederica road that runs the entire distance. Thus it is actually illegal to pass a bicycle on Frederica Road because of this.

Lives could be saved and injuries dramatically reduced if law enforcement would pay closer attention to bicyclists (especially on St. Simons Island) and the Glynn County Commission enact a local ordinance requiring bicyclists to utilize any bike path where provided.

Would it not be more productive to be proactive on elements related to safety on the public roads then to wait and let the worst case scenarios play out?

Robert Callahan


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