Brunswick is one of the best, well-trained police departments anywhere, but there are not enough police to catch all the violators. Here is what I observed in just one week on dash cam.

If I am going the speed limit, and I was, anyone flying by me is speeding. Fifteen times people were running stop signs. Racing happens in shopping center parking, lots as well as lane jumping.

One reason people speed in Glynn County is the county puts in an impatient lane. That is a right lane in the grass that people can do 100 mph around you.

In 2017, we had 18 people die in Glynn County, but they won’t tell you how many died in 2019, 2020 and so far in 2021. I see wrecks all the time and frankly every time I go out, I feel I may not survive.

People are nice here but they refuse to obey the law. New option — a $1,000 ticket per speeder. If you run a stop sign, it’s $500. If you kill someone, it is 99 years in prison. That ought to do it. Oh, lets hire more great Brunswick Police officers to catch more violators and bring in more revenue. We keep doing this until we whip people into submission. When you no longer feel safe it’s time to roll.

Donald Green


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