I am so pleased to read letters from Charles H., Frank K., Felton H., and the lady who outfitted her kayak with survival gear to help others in troubled waters. Also I am never surprised to read letters from Clinton and Obama worshipers like Bob T., Tony B., and often Dick W. Their deep, invested hatred for the president, no matter how much good he does for America. The Kenyan and Slick Willy are placed high on their alter of “good guys.” “I don’t get it,” in the words of Bob Thigpen. What really surprises me is that a noted columnist had to quote a comedian and president hater, Stephen Colber to support his disdain for POTUS. I understand why he is left leaning, as he is a product of liberal, left wing, over the top San Francisco, where the hippies were prevalent in the 1960s. Reg, we want to think highly of you and your column, so help us unwashed supporters of America and our president by being a person we can all relate to and not feel outside of the ball park.

Leonard Vsetecka


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This past week, I received a telephonic Robo Call from someone stating he represented the Glynn County Republican Party. There surely must be a parallel universe with a similar name since that call was nothing but false accusations and lies about ESPLOST 3.