Editor’s Note: The following letter is written as a rebuttal to a letter and therefore is not subject to the four-week policy. This will be the only rebuttal allowed.

I see that my previous letter did not entice Jan Yoder to vote for President Trump; but if a person will not vote for anyone who lies, cheats or steals, it is clear that person cannot vote for Mr. Biden. His time in Washington shows a long history of flip-flopping on issues as politically expedient. There is plenty of evidence that his family used his Vice President position to improperly benefit.

That said, there are other big issues at stake. Packing the Supreme Court to achieve a majority of progressive justices is a clear threat to the Constitution and our way of life, and would be an unprecedented assault on the separation of powers. D.C. and Puerto Rico statehood would cement a Democrat majority in the Senate effectively creating one-party rule.

The Biden environmental “New Deal” will mandate and therefore force a shift away from fossil fuels decades in advance of technological capabilities and in opposition to market forces, at a significant cost in terms of tax dollars and American jobs.

President Trump has challenged everyone from government agencies to the pharmaceutical industry to do better. This has threatened profitable deals and as a result has generated political foes. How many of us have complained that too many products are made in China? Trump has worked to do something about that, which is not something Joe Biden can say despite all his time in Washington.

Finally, just imagine the dictatorial possibilities of a Biden/Harris administration during this pandemic.

Rich Salo


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