I was born under troubling circumstances, into troubled times, in this most “trying” of places, America. I was free to try anything, and I pushed its limits.

For several of my nearly nine decades on this planet, I searched for answers to vexing questions. How I should live my life, and by whose standards, was my most troubling.

I eventually reasoned that there is a higher form of intelligence that can touch each of us and help with such decisions. I became convinced that the messages brought by a Jewish man, called Jesus, two millenniums ago gave us directions on how to lead a useful, satisfying life and depart peacefully from this realm of being.

I now hang out with the Lutherans at St. James. Last Sunday, pastor Kay gave her interpretation of Mark 3:20-35. Over the years I have nodded through many such attempts by others but her words held me wide-eyed as she served up her down-home vision of the “house divided against itself” parable, a timely subject.

I took from it that absolute power, which corrupts absolutely, can never be gained over any one or nation that has a good solid connection to the Supreme Intelligence that we call “God.” It confirms our founder’s wise move to have no state religion and guarantees all the freedom to connect with their God in any manner they choose, no matter if those in power declare them crazy.

Pastor Kay is retiring soon. If she leaves town without your readers hearing at least one of her inspired sermons, it will be their great loss.

Bob Hilton


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