Editor’s Note: The following letter is written as a rebuttal to a letter and therefore is not subject to the four-week policy. This will be the only rebuttal allowed.

Nurse Waldron, bet you thought I forgot you. Thanks for your comments on my response to Bill Crane’s opinion piece regarding folks hesitancy to get the COVID-19 vaccine. I responded as a Brunswick News reader and outlined documented issues with the COVID-19 vaccines as possible reasons and suggested a natural, healthy option for folks to consider.

I never told folks “don’t get vaccinated.” Rather, if a person is hesitant about being vaccinated there are other choices to consider. Choice is your right.

Additionally, thank you for acknowledging some of the serious risk issues with the COVID-19 vaccine (blood clots) which I pointed out in my original letter.

I presented a choice which has worked for my family ,as well as many Glynn County residents. Natural supplements and essential oils we use are from God’s green earth and have been used successfully to combat disease/illness for thousands of years. Can Pfizer say that?

If folks want to be vaccinated go for it. I choose a proactive, natural and holistic alternative over Big Pharma/Big Government’s approach of “get vaccinated and hush up about it.”

In my letter, I encouraged individuals to seek out additional information regarding the common sense, natural, healthy, and holistic lifestyle approach to disease prevention; and I also encouraged those vaccinated to do the same.

Lastly, COVID-19 vaccines have been only approved for Emergency Use Authorization and none have been given full licensure (approval) by the FDA.

“Sto lat” (Polish for “to a hundred more years of good health.”)

Frank Klonoski

St. Simons Island

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