The Letter to the Editor from Susan Inman of 100 Miles was filled with misinformation and innuendo.

In reality, the Jekyll Island Authority (JIA) is one of few governments to fund a Carrying Capacity and Infrastructure Study to determine appropriate visitation levels and management strategies, while most coastal governments seek to maximize development and visitation.

In 2008, a revitalization proposal was originally approved for the old Buccaneer Hotel location to develop 427 units. However, as good stewards of Jekyll Island, over time the JIA required a professional marketing site analysis for this location, and at the October 2021 meeting, RCLCO Real Estate Advisors recommended residential development as the best alternative for this location considering carrying capacity and environmental concerns.

Ms. Inman wholly misrepresented these recommendations and subsequent discussions of the JIA Board and Management. In the pending Master Plan Update, the JIA Board proposes reclassifying oceanside land, previously designated for development, to protected and “undeveloped” land. The proposed Master Plan Update does not promote additional development but rather addresses visitation and capacity management.

Finally, Ms. Inman stated that the proposed Golf Master Plan hadn’t been discussed since October 2020 — untrue! Since September 2020, when it was originally proposed, it has been publicly discussed no less than 12 times, including two work sessions, where extensive ecological restoration opportunities were highlighted — which 100 Miles has chosen to disregard. The public is best served by accurate and complete information. Ms. Inman and 100 Miles missed that mark by a country mile.

Jones Hooks

Jekyll Island

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