Terry, bravo on your article on the nuisance of golf carts on our roads. Unfortunately, it will take one of those monster trucks or SUVs you wrote about to plow into a golf cart with six or seven people on board, including infants, killed in a devastating accident to get the attention this issue really deserves.

I don’t understand how parents can strap their infant child and young children to the rear facing seat with no adult back there with them. Insane. And I’ve always wondered how many of those carts are driven by drunks, folks with suspended licenses (due to multiple DUI’s) and of course underage drivers.

One such underage driver (about 10 years old) a few years back ran into my truck on one of the side streets on East Beach. My truck was fine, however the front end of the golf cart was a mess. Thank goodness for monster bumpers.

I think our local traffic police need to bring down the law on the drivers of these pain in the keister machines.

Frank Klonoski

St. Simons Island

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