I opened your fine paper Nov. 10 to find a Letter to the Editor written by my husband, Bob Hilton, juxtaposed with a well-written Utopian pipe-dream by Randy Siegel.

Backgrounds are important when analyzing current social stances on the political stage in America. Bob was a cop who quit when they made it impossible for him to arrest the right people. I was a teacher who quit when discipline broke down in the classrooms, having a “state curriculum” was more important than teaching or teachers, and our professional association became a union. The mindset changed, and the welfare of the teachers became more important than the welfare of the students.

I don’t know Mr. Siegel, but I would bet he is a successful person among a work/social strata that does not produce a product or service that competes on the street or world marketplace.

Bob’s children are politically divided along these lines, and I am just a step-mom who feels a need for a whip and a chair at family gatherings. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, thank goodness half of Americans still believe that, so let’s stop trying to indoctrinate each other. That might actually start the healing process.

Nancy Hilton


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