We have all heard ad nauseam from several probably well-intentioned folks in this column that some readers are baffled by support for President Trump. It is sad but crystal clear that civics is the one course they needed desperately considering the fact that the American voter decided the issue, no further discussion needed.

As an independent, it’s so clear politicians are trying desperately to sell some folks with room temperature IQs their agendas which their minions swallow hook, line and sinker.

Politicians are mostly the same and will vote according to party line without the courage to end the hatred and divisiveness. The good of the country be damned. So sad. Personally, I would like to see more positive letters cheering the United States on to a brighter future and asking politicians to get over three years of vilifying our president and getting back to the real work that Congress has neglected.

St. Jerome once wrote: “It is worst still to be ignorant of your ignorance.” Instead of negatives, let’s show respect for the office of the president and show some encouragement for all the good things this president has accomplished rather than relying on the haters and “Never Trumpers” for our facts.

Lastly, I trust my fellow Americans who gave President Trump the job and the next president no matter what his political affiliation may be.

God bless America.

Kevin Finnerty


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