Editor’s note: The following letter is written as a rebuttal to a letter and therefore is not subject to the two-week policy. This will be the only rebuttal allowed.

Dear Karen Grainey — My observations, as you put it, are not just restricted to just the property where we lived. They were of the entire island. That’s the way with the left, if you don’t totally agree with their positions you are a neophyte and must be bullied, oh I’m sorry, the new word is shamed into submission. If Ms. Grainey had any knowledge of how the world, the tides and how tidal erosion works, she would know that the winds and sea are constantly reshaping these barrier islands on a daily basis — adading land and taking it away. To contribute these changes, which have been happening over eons, to only man’s interference is totally one sided and ignorant.

I have spent a good portion of my life here and up and down the eastern coast of our country. My observations are based on my experience, but I guess that’s not good enough for her or her boss. Growing up, I was taught a good scientist evaluates all the data before they make their conclusions. However to the left, how did they put it at one time, the science is settled. No it is not. Now I have a question for you Ms. Grainey. Why didn’t your boss, Mr. Kyler, write a rebuttal? It is allowed. Never mind. I guess it’s easier to get a subordinate to do some things. BTW I’m still dry.

Bart Dinos

St. Simons Island

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