If America’s urbanites want to preview the future, I suggest they study Washington’s stewardship of Florida’s Everglades.

Since the 1990’s introduction of apex predator snakes into the Everglades, our National Parks Service has abetted the wholesale slaughter of native wildlife, or as a game warden stated “bunnies must learn to live with the pythons.”

Today’s Everglades belong to the snakes, and the snakes are moving North for new food sources.

Across America’s blue cities the George Floyd movement has defunded police departments, opened prisons and bailed-out everyone less than Ted Bundy. Our leaders’ advice to law-bidding citizens is “get used to it, it’s your progressive future” — daily car-jackings, drive-by shootings, sidewalk assaults, and unanswered 911 calls. City life is perverting, the drug violence is moving uptown, and citizens need to reconcile to their new violent environments without adequate police control.

A Chicago alderman recently stated that his police force is down over 1,600 persons and the recruitment pool has dropped from 30,000 to 5,000.

The Chicago police force may be in institutional death throes. From New York City to Seattle, blue cities will be challenged to maintain law and order with impotent police forces while uptown and commercial districts become feral.

Americans will vote with their feet as to the law and order environments they want. Right now, most blue cities offer a plethora of new urban violence up close and personal, and as the game warden told the bunnies, “you better learn to live with it.”

Pete Richmond

St. Simons Island

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