I was reading the Saturday edition of the Brunswick News, and there were two articles that really sparked my emotions. One was about the convention center, and the other was about the GCPD. My question is after reading these articles is why are our locally elected leaders so defiant of their constituents?

In many forms and fashions the citizens of Glynn County and Brunswick have voiced their opinions about the convention center, but yet every time they get shot down, they wait a few months, and try again. Then you see this again with the GCPD issue. The people have clamored for the horribly mismanaged GCPD to be folded into the office of the sheriff. Is it? No. Our state representatives hear us, and try to make a bill in the legislature. Do the local officials care? No! They vow to fight tooth and nail. We vote them out, and yet they still vow defiance until the very last day of office, and tell us this isn’t public concern, but should be handled on a “higher level.”

Open your eyes guys. If only a few people are getting a say on a major, and in some cases LIFE or DEATH issue like this, it’s because it doesn’t benefit you. You are petty in the grand scheme.

Bob Pheoni


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