In regard to Ms. Smith’s recent letter painting with a broad wire brush two outstanding individuals — Amy Coney Barrett and Justice Clarence Thomas — as “mediocre,” its time to call out vile, hate-filled attacks from truly mediocre pundits with obvious political bias.

She claims she knows Judge Thomas is mediocre because “anyone who mentions pubic hair in the presence of a professional colleague is mediocre.” This outrageously racist charge was made during Judge Thomas’ confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court in front of a hostile Democrat-controlled senate by a last-minute witness claiming, guess what, yeah, sexual harassment. Thomas called it a “high tech lynching.” Where did we see this before recently? Oh yeah, Christine Blasey Ford coming forth in all her frightened little girl persona claiming Judge Kavanaugh was guilty of sexual crimes back in his early school days. All which were shown to be false, and Kavanaugh providing evidence of his innocence.

Amy Coney Barrett graduated first in her class at Notre Dame. She has been praised and highly recommended by many people who know this woman as a person of high personal integrity and qualifications. The ABA, American Bar Association, gives Ms. Barrett the gold standard rating “Well Qualified” in the areas of integrity, professional competence and judicial temperament.

Ms. Smith calling Amy Barrett “mediocre” is outrageously insulting and seems to possibly be a symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Wake up America. Let’s vote ASAP and insure we rid ourselves of impending threats of true mediocrity.

Thomas Goodrich


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