Being a successful businessman requires a certain skill set.

Playing a successful business man on TV requires a completely different set of skills.

The main skill of playing a successful businessman on TV is the creation of spectacle, spectacles like, perhaps, a half-baked negotiation with the North Koreans that will take place over an extended time, with many episodes — any opportunity to play a successful negotiator on TV. It’s a foregone conclusion that nothing will come of it except more spectacle.

And who knows, such an extended spectacle might even provide the manufactured national crisis necessary to suspend the rule of law, and just in the nick of time, especially with a Mueller investigation and a mid-term election going on.

Politics is intended to be boring so that our lives may be interesting. But since our lives consist in growing apart upon watching TV and looking at the internet, they are getting pretty boring. Except for the people who need health care and can’t get it, and the children who need mental health care, and the teachers and police who need a living wage, and the consumers who need protection from the banks, and the communities being ruined by industrial pollution, and the families ruined by opioid addiction — you know, the things that we need government to help us with. But that’s a different skill set.

Everybody enjoy the spectacle. It’s going to be something.

Tony Baker

St. Simons Island

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