Legislation advancing through the Arizona state legislature, introduced by Arizona State Rep. John Kavanaugh, would require the state to keep a record of crimes committed by illegal aliens. Essentially, the plan would require all superior court probation departments to keep a record of illegal alien criminals with identifying information and specifics on the crimes they committed.

This will no doubt be assailed as “anti-immigrant hate” by Democrats, but it should not worry the 400,000 or so “undocumented workers” who thrive here in Georgia. There is zero possibility of anything like this happening under Georgia’s GOP-ruled Gold Dome.

By order of the powerful special interests that profit from black-market labor, the entire topic of the organized crime of illegal immigration has been carefully set aside here in the Peach State where we host more illegals than Arizona.

As a proud retired immigration enforcement officer and former Border Patrol agent, I am one of the many pro-enforcement voters who can remember all the way back to 2018 when then candidate for Governor Brian Kemp made a long list of promises concerning “criminal illegals,” his “big truck” and detailed legislation aimed at Georgia’s sanctuary cities and counties. I am also old enough to see his arrogant and defiant refusal to so much as mention those promises since then.

And I can see that David Perdue has avoided any mention of Kemp’s “big truck” trick or the clear public safety dangers of Georgia’s illegal immigration crisis. We are becoming “Georgiafornia.”

Robert Trent

St. Marys

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