National politics have my badly battered brain wallowing in memories, confusion and trepidation. One memory from 70 years past, and one from last week are particularly nagging.

Seventy years ago, a tough old combat chaplain screamed these words at a young corporal “You are no more qualified to question the wisdom of the supreme intelligence than an ant can question yours.”

Last week I shared with my daughter that I was praying for the right outcome in our presidential elections. I feared the wrong outcome would bring down what’s left of our republic and our economic system. She said she had the same fears and was also praying. We were both sincerely praying for different outcomes to achieve the same end.

I will bet that, in 2nd century Rome, a Christian young man, about to face the lions, was given the same answer by a mentor as the corporal got from the priest. And somewhere a little later in that century a plebeian Dad was having the same conversation with a well-to-do daughter as they stood among the ruins of their republic

A republic is such a fragile form of government that it needs all the prayer it can get. I know, with certainty, that when republics become corrupt and secretive and are no longer truly under God, they don’t work, and the evil they can inflict upon the mankind, in the name of a governmental god, knows no boundaries.

I think the best course of action right now, for the average American citizen, is to keep praying and be ready to face the lions for your moral convictions.

Bob Hilton


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