Judge Kavanaugh is unfit to serve on the Supreme Court. In addition to a number of people recalling his heavy drinking in high school and college (“Keg City Club” and “100 Kegs or Bust”), he lacks judicious temperament and solid balance as evidenced by his ranting and yelling about “political hit jobs” and the “revenge of the Clintons.” Would he not need to recuse himself in any case involving either the Clintons or the Democrats in general? Clearly, he is a partisan hack, not a neutral jurist.

As a so-called “originalist” who believes in the plain meaning of words in the Constitution, he appears to have forgotten the plain sexual innuendo of words in his yearbook such as “Alumnius,” [sic] “Boofing,” and “Devil’s Triangle.” Kavanaugh also claimed his friends exonerated him from Ford’s assault charges, but all they said was they “didn’t remember or recall.” Dr. Ford told her therapist, family and friends about her sexual assault years before Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Lastly, how would Fox News and conservative pundits have reacted if Ford had yelled, claimed a conspiracy, and personally attacked Republicans? She would have been depicted as mentally unstable and not believable. Perhaps he should be viewed that way along with believing in unearned entitlement and privilege.

In light of the above, it is unsurprising that a recent poll found that 54 percent of Republicans would support Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court even if Dr. Ford’s charges of sexual assault were found to be true. Stunning.

Michael Woodward


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