This is the first time I have written to the editor with the hopes of being able to tell my story to inspire others and change the perception of many.

I have been in Brunswick for a little over a year now and was brought to the city as a student of the Brunswick Job Corps Center. Now typically when people tend to think of Job Corps, there are many stigmas and stereotypes. I currently attend college here and have a job locally in town while still being a student at the Brunswick Job Corps Center.

Furthermore, I have worked on and completed several internships with local businesses and numerous community service projects, and obtained several certifications and medical licenses with a short-term goal of becoming a registered nurse. Meanwhile, at the same time, I’m helping change the perception of what Job Corps students can accomplish in the community. This will help pave the way for many others to come along, follow in my footsteps and also to help change the perception to the community. It shows all the things the students of Brunswick Job Corps can, will and must soar to their highest potential.

As I continue to pursue my degree and move forward, I have fell in love with Brunswick and decided to make this my home. I will become a resident and continue to impact the lives of everyone I encounter throughout my journey.

Dayon Brisco


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