The Brunswick News recently spoke of the efforts of our current board of commissioners to create a special zoning effort on St. Simons Island to fix old BOC multi-family housing approvals made over past decades. This sounds great, but if these old zoning approvals are reversed, it is going to cost the county money in lawsuits. I hope that the county will be willing to pay for this. The BOC recently stated that they don’t want any more lawsuits on the island, so I have my doubts.

If the county won’t pay for it, a new island municipality might pay for the costs of fixing this zoning mess themselves in exchange for becoming a municipality. Peter Murphy, our islands BOC representative, told me that he thinks that there should be a vote on whether or not the islands want to become a municipality and do this.

However, Sen. Ligon told me that he would only drop a bill allowing such a vote if the 85% of the county who do not live on the islands could also vote. Even though the state capital says he is wrong, he wants a vote where the majority of the county could potentially vote to force only those who live on the islands to pay to fix the zoning mess.

If those living on the islands want to vote to take on and pay to fix this zoning mess by themselves it is one thing, but they should have the only vote on it.

Frank Cullen

St. Simons Island

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