If the real problem is never identified, no solution possible. Vacillating leadership by consensus leaves few happy.

It’s glaringly obvious that CCGA’s administration and the University System of Georgia Board of Regents lack basic management and leadership skills. Both the problem solving process and critical thinking is not only missing from today’s academic curriculum, but also apparently absent from their collective leadership skill set.

Guidance from the coaching staff is either absent or inadequate. The problem should have never left the team’s locker room. Absent certainty, faculty and coaches have become a laughing-stock. CCGA’s director and the coaching staff have no comment, their silence is deafening. Student athletes, advised to stay silent, likewise remain publicly hushed.

Had the athletes addressed their perceptions with a critical thinking approach, fallacy would have become clear.

If the coaching staff was the student’s, perceived inequalities should have or could have been properly addressed.

The team’s stance is fallacious and their choice of forum inappropriate. The real organizers who “inspired” or more likely hoodwinked these student athletes into becoming the dupes, are euphoric in their anonymity.

The university system, CCGA administration and the coaching staff’s responses have been inadequate, indecisive, or absent. If the coaching staff was aware of the impending protest and did nothing, scrutiny is in order.

The KSU situation festered and metastasized. Those who allowed the spread of this cancer falter. The regents must with respond with timely resolute resolution.

Howard Manser


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