I agree with Mellissa Smith the incident at Brunswick High School must be a wake-up call for everyone to stand up and take notice. The real question is “what if” there had been a real shooting or a bomb. In todays world, there are to many unknowns around us.

The shooting at Jacksonville so very close to home just tells us that something could happen to anyone and any place. Parents with teenage children who have guns at home should be aware if one of their guns are missing. Putting on gun locks or putting them away in a safe would be a good start to keep one of their guns fall into the wrong hands.

There are no easy answers to all of this, but at least don’t leave a gun laying around and then not notice that it is missing. Could this boy just be playing around and didn’t mean any harm or was he going to follow through and hurt someone? No one knows for sure what was going to happen maybe just a foolish joke or was he really going to do something.

Action needs to be taken now and everyone’s eyes should be wide open and looking to see what can be done to prevent any sort of harm to the children and to the people of our community. See something, say something — don’t wait to say “Oh My God” why here. By then, it’s to late.

A. Guzman


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