I don’t know whether to be pleased or disappointed that, after almost two years of discussion on the matter, Glynn County’s Board of Commissioners is still talking about instituting impact fees on new development. The way the BOC drags its feet in making decisions that can benefit St. Simons Island is just another reason I think an island municipality, with a vested interest in the island, would do a better job of managing the growth of the island.

Almost two years ago, at one of Dr. Murphy’s first town hall meetings, I suggested that impact fees could pay for some of the needed infrastructure needs on St. Simons Island — not a new idea. Immediately, one of the BOC members told me that they could not do this. “We would have to implement them across the entire county.” Newly hired Pamela Thompson corrected this statement, saying that there were ways to limit impact fees to certain parts of the county. Privately, both Bill Brunson and Peter Murphy agreed that impact fees could be a good idea.

Two years later, the BOC has had two professional briefings about “development impact fees.” Dr. Murphy is still for the idea, saying that “the public is currently paying for development, while the developer is getting all the gravy.” Reportedly, Mr. Brunson is still for the idea. But the BOC is still talking about whether or not they will “do a study” on the matter.

To the BOC: Come on guys — Git’er done.

Frank Cullen

St. Simons Island

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