Two-to-three million years ago in Africa, some early branch of hominid eventually evolved into Homo sapiens and once they stopped roaming and first started building villages and communities, their first instinctive acts were to build fences to protect their properties. This primal instinct in man was as deeply ingrained in his being as is the instinct of mothers to protect their children from harm.

The need for walls has always been imperative for the protection and sovereignty of any nation or property: Vatican wall, White House fence, border walls of Jericho, Troy, the Great Wall of China and Hadrian’s Wall. But, most importantly, the big, impenetrable wall surrounding the Pelosi mansion. Pelosi does not want to protect America from illegal aliens and gangs, but she does want to protect the Pelosi family from them. How hypocritical.

These first efforts to define and protect property eventually resulted in more refined methods to achieve this basic instinct in man: gated communities and “invisible legal walls”, such as property lines, and county and state border lines.

The only wall Pelosi and the swamp leftists do not want to build is the most important and vital one of all: the one that will keep America sovereign and safe. Contemptible.

Pelosi and all of the radical left-wing “Swampites” would occupy Donte’s eighth circle of hell, where the hypocrites reside.

So, since good leadership is always by example: America must do as Nancy does, not as Nancy harangues, and build the wall.

Martin Carey

St. Simons Island

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