The Jekyll Island Authority must understand that more hotels and condos are not what brings people to Jekyll Island. It is the allure of the island itself.

I am a 50-year-plus visitor to Jekyll, and I tell you I still get excited as I travel down the causeway. Crossing over the Jekyll River Bridge is like crossing through a time warp into another era — the era where everything slows down, life becomes simple and people act like people again. It’s an escape from turmoil of the world.

It’s a place where you can strike up a conservation with someone by a fire pit or swimming pool and before you know it, many others have joined in and you’ve lost all track of time and hours have passed. The JIA needs to capitalize on this.

Building more condos and talk of developing the golf courses for those condos will only turn Jekyll into another overcrowded and overpriced tourist trap. It’s the wildlife, the history, bike rides, the people, small family owned shops. It’s that family atmosphere where you have no worries and can enjoy full measure what Jekyll has to offer.

Please JIA, stop the building and focus of what’s there now. Let the residents, business owners and visitors give suggestions on how to increase revenue without destroying what makes Jekyll Island so special to a lot of people. The best ideas have come from listening to others. Thank you for your time.

Jeffrey Foster


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