Donald Trump rose to power by exploiting the toxicity of the patriarchal/supremacist institutions that are foundations of the U.S.

Over centuries, black people were harnessed by white landowners. Many suffered beatings or lynching. It was intended that black people would never be free. The construct of whiteness supports the idea that “freedom” means having access to everything. This history is significant in our present day.

Foundations of democracy are enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Citizens ensure those rights in common gestures of mutual respect making democracy and human society possible.

“Hard stop” on civility was the claim that Barack Obama was Kenyan-born and disqualified to be president. This argument, based on conspiratorial, quasi-racist lies, was spread by Trump. Conservative talking-heads rumored he was a secret Muslim. This reinforced open racists and white people who harbored these thoughts.

Trump recognized their susceptibility and allied with these bigots. We heard Mexicans are rapists. All Muslims are suspected terrorists. White rage raised its head.

Trump continues to lie. He now owns the Republican Party, which cowers before his voice. History will not be kind to America.

Jim Norris

St. Simons Island

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