As we seem to be inching closer to abandoning our current — but long held — form of government in favor of a more radical revolutionary form, I am reminded of the fact that there is nothing more useless than a revolutionary after a revolution.

History is full of second place wannabees — like Ernst Rohm, Leon Trotsky, or Che Guevara — who believed that their devoted activism to the cause warranted them a share of the power at the top.

Whether it is fascism, socialism, or some other despotic “ism,” it almost always comes wrapped in the disguise of “collective action.” These democratically sounding words seduce the well-meaning into supporting “necessary” abdications of individual rights for a promised greater good. Unfortunately, history supports the argument that, it usually does not work out very well for the well-meaning. History also supports the fact that, once the old regime is vanquished, the well-meaning loyal activists soon follow. For in the end, there is room at the top for only one.

So buyers, activists and voters beware. Take care to understand whether you are being asked to support the lamb of justice or the wolf of tyranny.

Mason Stewart


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