Regarding the submission of comments by Ellen Kennedy about the potential sale by the state of 15 acres of Butler’s Island in the June 9 edition of The News, I wish to make an important correction.

Butler’s Island is in McIntosh County, not Glynn County. It is 1 mile south of Darien, the seat of McIntosh County, in the heart of the Altamaha delta. As a coastal historian who has thoroughly documented the history of Butler’s Island in various of my publications, I felt compelled to bring this to the attention of those of your readers who may not have been aware of Butler’s Island and its correct location.

I thoroughly agree with the writer that any portion of this historic and ecologically sensitive island should not be sold by the state of Georgia, particularly for commercial purposes in the proposed establishment of a brewery or any other commercial private business on the tract.

Not that it will do any good I’m sure when potential local tax dollars are in the mix, but I would strongly urge Darien officials to reconsider this ill-advised proposal and the ruination of one of the most important historic sites on the southeastern U.S. coast.

Barring that, I hope and pray the state senate nixes this proposal. Butler’s Island is a public trust for education, outdoor recreation and undisturbed wildlife observation and should remain so. Thank you.

Buddy Sullivan


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