This letter is to Republican women: I’m so sorry to hear about how low energy you all are. Is it a specific illness you share or just a characteristic of being female and Republican?

Chuck Grassley, the Republican Chair of the Judiciary Committee, when asked why no Republican women serve on the committee suggested that it was probably too much work for them. Yes, he walked it back after a backlash from his own party. I hope you all find a cure for what ails you. May I suggest one possibility: It seems that Democratic women have the vim and vigor to serve on this committee and many others. Perhaps, if you are concerned about your lack of pep, you might want to think about switching political parties.

Then you too could not only take care of your families and work full-time (like most women in this country do), but also take on other activities such as chairing or serving on committees or volunteering – you know, in Congress, at work, in your communities, at schools.

You might be surprised at how many things Democratic women get done every day. Or maybe you’re not surprised at all. Maybe you already know how hard all women (whatever their political affiliation) work every single day, and what an insult Grassley’s comment was.

Nancy Hatch Woodward


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