Several GOP writers would rather use rhetoric, lies and attacks instead of talking about issues, just like legislators they keep voting for. I, like other writers, have tried to bring up important issues here with facts. I’ll respond to a few of the scurrilous attacks.

The Russia investigation started because of Russian interference, quickly uncovering multiple contacts with Russia by Trump team members and family, and lead to obstruction by Trump. Obama wanted to warn the public. The GOP, and Trump, want to hide the truth.

The GOP want to compare the Russia investigation to Benghazi. The Russia investigation has been a net gain for taxpayers, lead to multiple indictments, and proved Russia interference. Benghazi was a three year political attack, no indictments, a big bill for taxpayers. Benghazi was a tragedy. Where is GOP concern about Niger?

The economy did not suddenly get better with Trump. The economy recovered with Obama. Trump inherited a booming economy. Trump and GOP policies are putting the economy in danger. Jobs also averaged higher during Obama’s presidency, Trump has not created jobs faster.

Trump acts like the privileged elite GOP accuse Democrats of being. He inherited his wealth. While he donates his salary, that pales in comparison to over $100 million he has spent on personal travel in two years, more than Obama in 8 years, and doesn’t include campaign trips adding millions more.

Garfield said, the truth will set you free, but will make you miserable first. GOP supporters should prepare for more misery.

Jerry Dagen

St. Simons Island

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