The article in the paper today about the golf cart abuse hit a nerve with me. Many of us have been belly-aching about them for years but to no avail. There are different standards for St. Simons than the rest of the mainland, but we are treated the same on illegal use of golf carts. Nothing is enforced.

We don’t need new ordinances or new laws if the laws we have now are just enforced. Which politicians are willing to face the angry mamas and papas when they or their children get tickets?

I am now ready to see St. Simons incorporate so they can have their own way of living. It is a different world over there, and we are going to have to face up to it sooner or later. The person who came up with the saying, “St. Simons is a quaint little drinking community with a golf problem” should be given an award. Let’s face it, they need their own police department so they can live by their own rules. Maybe then we can get a little enforcement of the golf cart rules here on the mainland.

The aggressive driving, texting and talking on the phone while driving is nothing but a joke. Even mature citizens and decent law-abiding citizens are doing it openly and thumbing their nose at the police everyday. We can’t let this go on forever. You say you can’t stop it; I think a few “well-placed” fines will get the message even to the hardcore offenders.

Get mad at me but remember, “the life you save might just be mine.”

Bob Tatum


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