I just arrived home, slightly shaken and pensive, but very impressed. Two hours ago, I was at Glynn Academy, tutoring for the upcoming ACT in a room next to guidance. Suddenly, there was loud banging on the window that separates rooms and one of the counselors yelled at me and my student, “Come, come, quickly.”

Jumping up and grabbing his phone, he knew what to do. I didn’t and left mine. We joined the rush to the small adjacent rooms. Silent students piled in to sit on the floor and wait. More and more squeezed in — moving quickly from upstairs and outside — including one with a wrapped arm who found refuge under a table. No more room, off with the light and utter silence save the tap, tap, taping on cellphones.

The term “lockdown” took on new meaning for me. “Tell your parents you are safe. Tell them not to come to the campus and jam it up with cars,” I whispered to the students. I borrowed a phone to send a message to my husband.

There must have been 80 children crowded into the guidance department, and there wasn’t a sound for almost an hour. Then, a calm message from the man in charge, and we quietly left to go back to our studies. I was proud of the GA students and the staff.

JoAnn Davis

St. Simons Island

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