As a junior at Glynn Academy, I have firsthand experience with the issues that students face. The major issue is campus security. The campus itself is completely open to the outside, with runners passing through grounds on many occasions. Students are not allowed to leave or return to the campus without an “off-campus pass.” This places more concern on students exiting campus than keeping potentially hostile persons off campus.

A fence “planned” for 2021 will potentially come too late. The county must prioritize campus security. In addition to the fencing, there must also be an increased security presence on campus. This can consist of additional SROs but also can be private entities, such as retired military service personnel.

Glynn Academy is also ill-equipped to handle threats from inside the campus. The few SROs on campus are the only individuals who are lawfully allowed to carry any guns on campus. If an attack happens when they are on the opposite side of the campus, it delays precious response time. Staff members who wish to carry a concealed weapon on campus should be allowed to do so. I believe that this will allow teachers to protect students during an attack. The SROs, as amazing as they are, cannot be everywhere at once. Students and staff are merely moving targets without the means to protect themselves.

The Board of Education promises that these issues will be addressed. However, they seem to have the same problem the average high school student like myself has: procrastination. The board members should be ashamed of their inaction.

Gary Meadows


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