As ironic as it might sound, there are those who equate inflation as being synonymous with a tax increase. The tax increase would be far less costly to the consumer.

The key element in the inflation cycle this year has been the retail price of gasoline — up over 1/3 in price since Jan. 20, 2021.

Because most folks drive cars, the question should now be “Is there any way to defray or allay such a huge increase?” Based upon how so many people drive their cars, the answer is an unequivocal yes. Although the answer is multi-faceted, we should drive our vehicles in such a manner to maximize the fuel mileage therein.

Adhering to the following suggestions, the ordinary driver could easily increase fuel mileage by 20% to 30%. Begin with the drive train by ensuring the engine is as tuned as well as possible, have a four-wheel alignment performed on your car and request they minimize the amount of negative camber, and maintain your tires to three pounds of air pressure over manufacturer’s recommendations.

Now we go to how you drive said automobile. Always accelerate from a complete stop as easily as possible while shifting to the next higher gear/range as soon as possible — this is referred to as short-shifting. Next, practice the rollout on your car. If you see a traffic light two blocks from your current position on the road, let your foot off the gas and roll to the stoplight. This takes a little practice but adds substantially to minimizing your gasoline consumption.

Last, but not least. Don’t speed.

Robert Callahan


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