Jekyll Island State Park holds a delicate balance between nature and development that you can’t help but fall in love with. On Jekyll Island residential homes, hotels and undeveloped land share space, but how much development is too much for a state park that has had over a million visitors a year.

The site where the Old Buccaneer hotel once stood could be home to a new hotel with 246 rooms, which translates into 58,360 visitors per year, or it could include 28-52 residential homes. Additionally, the draft Golf Master Plan (last discussed in October 2020) presented an idea of converting golf course lands to housing. If JIA transforms recreational lands into homes, how many more people, cars, and impact will this bring? The answer is unknown.

What is known is that the Master Plan Update grants the JIA carte blanche ability to permit more dense development throughout the “developed” areas of the state park. This glaring loophole will lead to more overcrowding and over-populating. Yet, the 2018 Capacity and Infrastructure Assessment found that, without significant changes, Jekyll Island will reach its capacity in 2021 — which is now.

We must pause future building on our Jekyll. Join me and ask Governor Kemp and the legislative oversight committee to object to the Master Plan Update. Now is the time for a temporary moratorium on development and create a capacity plan before it’s too late. Sign the petition at today.

Susan Inman


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